Bug Bundle - SALE!

Bug Bundle - SALE!

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NOTE: Additional discounts will not apply to this product. 

SAVE $6 off of regular prices! There are many buggy days left in the season, and we want you to be prepared - either by not getting bit by those bugs OR by having a natural product to calm your skin (and itching, pain) after you've been bitten. 

NOTE: These products do not really have an expiration date. The essential oils will slowly evaporate, which will limit the effectiveness regarding protection from bugs. If evaporation of the essential oils occurs. the butters and oils will still be good and moisturize/protect your skin like all of our unlotion bars. 

Bundle includes:
- one STOP BUGging Me! unlotion bar (2 oz, regular price $16), and
- one BITTEN balm (0.5 oz, regular price $10)

Limited quantities are available. (When they're gone, the sale is over!)