The unsoap Collective

The unsoap Collective

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Wishy-washy about which unsoap to try? 

Hemming and hawing over choosing pink Himalayan salt or ground apricot shells? 

Well, we have a SOLUTION for you: I Got Unbumbled Hot Mess Worthy Knickers

Wait, WHAT?! 

It's our collective of five one-ounce unsoaps:  one of each of our custom essential oil blends, some with pink Himalayan salt and some with ground apricot shells. 

Pink Himalayan Salt: I'm a Hot Mess, Unnbumbled Slumber, and Worthy & Worth It
Ground Apricot Shells: I Got This, Unknot Your Knickers

Now you can figure out which one is your favorite! (Or having a variety may be nice, too.)