Do you have a question about unsoaped products? Check here first! Throughout the product development process we've had a lot of good feedback from our product testers, and their questions may be your questions, so we've started a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page here to share that love. 

Do you have a question about unsoaped products? Email us at support@unsoaped.com and we'll be ON IT. 


Q: Can I use the skin balms (CALM BALM and unliquid COURAGE) on my lips? 

A: They were not created for use on lips (unlike IT'S DA BALM) but you may certainly try them as a lip balm. I would suggest trying it on a small part of your lip as a test run first, as the essential oils may be irritating to the skin and because you'll be breathing in a lot more of the essential oils scent you may notice some other differences in your body as well. 

Essential Oils

Q: How did you pick your essential oil blends? 

A: Experimentation and feedback from our product testers. Our philosophy on essential oils, just like with all of unsoaped products, simple is better; less is more. Essential oils were chosen for their skin and body effectiveness as well as how they may alter your mood, and the blends were all made by our beloved Chief Mad Scientist. 

Any unsoaped product that uses essential oils uses a 2% or less dilution, which is safe for skin, and if any sun-sensitive (also known as "phototoxic") essential oils are used, they are in a much lower concentration than is required for sun sensitivity to occur. If you have any questions about the essential oils we use, please reach out to support@unsoaped.com and we'll be happy to answer your questions.  


Q: Do you offer free shipping? 

A: Yes! We offer FREE SHIPPING as a First Class Package on all orders over $55. Since it is a Shipping Option, not a discount code, we've set it up so "FREE First Class Shipping on orders over $55" will be selected by default when you checkout.

Some 'small print': 

- Discount codes may be used with this option, but the total AFTER the discount is applied must be $55 or more.

- Purchases will be shipped as USPS First Class packages only. If you need the package sooner (USPS Priority Mail), you will be charged for shipping.  

- There is NO LIMIT on the number of times a single customer may use the free shipping option.

Q: What does the open container symbol and text ('12 M' on unlotion) mean on your product labels? 

A: The 'period-after-opening' symbol is an international symbol to inform the consumer of the product's 'useful lifetime' after the product has been opened for the first time. Some companies say it's analogous to a 'best by' date on food (as opposed to an 'expiration date'). For unlotion, we claim the product is good for 18 months after opening, although it may last longer than that. To determine that time period, we consider a lot of things, including: how long the oils/butters/waxes are stable for, what essential oils are used, and product size. 

Note: Essential oils will naturally evaporate over time. Storing products in air-tight containers will minimize evaporation. Your unsoaped products will still be good to use after the 'period-after-opening' time window has passed, but they may not have as strong of a scent or have a subtly different scent (depending on the essential oils used in the product). Similarly, the butters/oils/waxes may evaporate some over time as well, changing the texture of the product slightly - but that doesn't mean you cannot use it. 

OH, SH...ugar! Lip Scrubs

Q: It looks like the lip scrub separated a bit (more liquid/a wetter look at the bottom of the jar than on the top). Is that OK? 

A: All unsoaped products are preservative and chemical free, so it's normal for the liquid in the OH, SH...ugar! lip scrubs to separate a little bit. Use the popsicle stick included with your product purchase to gently stir it up and you're good to go. 


Q: Can my kids use unlotion?

A: Yes - the unadorned unlotion is kid- and elder-safe and, not only do they not have any chemicals on their skin, you may find that unlotion solves the issue of pumping out WAYYYYY too much lotion. (Why do kids love to do that???) 

Why do we say it's "kid- and elder-safe"? Because essential oils are absorbed through the skin and via the olfactory system (sense of smell). Essential oils can impact children and the elderly differently due to body mass index and medications. Also, as we age into our 70's and later, our skin changes (becomes thinner, papery, fragile) so essential oils may be an irritant. 

Q: Can I use unlotion if I have eczema or psoriasis? 

A: Yes! It's worth a try - they can both be stubborn skin issues. We recommend trying unadorned unlotion (no essential oils added) as a starting point. The essential oils added into the other unlotion products may cause irritation on irritated skin, but it's your choice. 


Q: What's the difference between the ground apricot shells and the salt in the unsoap butter scrub bars? 

A: The ground apricot shells are a little more sandpapery in how they feel on the skin, whereas the salt feels a little more scrubby. The ground apricot shells suspend better in the butters, so it's a more uniform scrub experience. It's difficult to describe, as both "sandpapery" and "scrubby" have harsh connotations associated with them - but they're NOT harsh!  

Q: Can my kids use unsoap? 

A: If they are aged 10 or over, YES! (Please refer to the first question in the 'unlotion' section for additional information.)