Felt balls are easy aromatherapy diffusers.

Aromatherapy diffuser

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We could write an Ode to Felt Balls - but we won't. We love them as a versatile (and SUPER CUTE) way to diffuse essential oils in small spaces. No electricity or water needed. Simply add 3 - 5 drops of your favorite essential oil to one of the felt balls and let it hang. The aromatherapy lasts about 3 days in a car. 

And if you want to change up the aromatherapy, you can do that. You're not locked into a synthetic, overwhelming scent for 30-ish days in your car. 

These are strung with an 8" drop, so they are long enough to have around a rearview mirror in a car. Or over a finial on a lamp (I did this in my bedroom). 

NOTE: Essential oils *will* stain fabrics. If hanging from a finial or curtain rod, be sure to let the essential oils absorb into the felt ball prior to letting it touch other fabrics/surfaces.