Lip Tints, 0.5 oz

Lip Tints, 0.5 oz

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Our tried-and-true lip balm recipe (without any essential oils or extracts) with a POP of color from mica!

Balms provide a dual benefit of moisture and a barrier to the elements for your lips. Add in some COLOR and you've got a win-win situation on your hands! (Well, your LIPS.)

Jojoba wax is very similar to your skin's natural sebum (oil) so it doesn't feel waxy or sticky on your lips - unless you use too much, then it feels 'heavy' from the beeswax. 

Packaged in a recyclable metal screw-top tin, these balms are ready to go wherever you do. 

ATTA 'TUDE is made using a plum-colored food-grade mica. Safe for all ages. 

KISS THIS is made using a peachy-pink food grade mica, which provides more of a natural look. Safe for all ages. 

NOTE: Neither lip tint will 'color' your lips like a lipstick does, it resembles more of a lip gloss. If you're looking for something light that gives you a subtle color, these lip tints are it!