Now You're Getting LIPPY

Now You're Getting LIPPY

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*** Almost $6 SAVINGS compared to individual pricing*** 

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Just because you have to wear a mask doesn't mean your lips can't be pampered! 

The Now You're Getting Lippy gift set consists of one lip balm (in a screw-top metal tin) and one lip scrub - both of the same scent (either Vanilla or Rosemary Mint). It is a DREAM COME TRUE. Both use jojoba wax/oil as the main oil/moisturizer, and since it's closest to your skin's natural sebum it doesn't feel tacky or thick on your lips AND moisturizes like a charm. 

Each set comes with a gift bag, gift tag, bow, and crinkle paper to pamper the products before they pamper you. (Yeah... you can buy this for yourself. Just sayin'.)

Total cost is $14.95 + 7% sales tax for Indiana residents = $16