unlotion solid lotion bars in the small 0.6 ounce size
unlotion solid lotion bar small 0.6 ounce metal hinged container with product label

unlotion, 0.6 oz (unscented)

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Same goodness as the larger bar, but in a smaller size that some people like for purses, desks, and backpacks.

NO CHEMICALS. No water, no preservatives! No other synthetic chemicals, either.

NATURAL INGREDIENTS. And organic when possible. You won't find anything created in a chemistry lab in unsoaped products. 

The 0.6 oz unlotion bar will last approximately 3 months with daily use on your hands. The moisturizing elements may feel harder over time, but DON'T FRET! The unlotion is still good to use - you'll just need to work a little harder to use it. 


All unlotions are made with a blend of shea butter, beeswax, coconut oil, and mango butter. 

unadorned: No essential oils added (unscented). Safe for all ages. 

NOTE: Please see the unlotion, 0.6 oz  product for our scented options that have essential oils added. 


Remove the unlotion bar from the tin and discard the tissue paper it is wrapped in. Rub the bar between your hands. As it warms from your body temperature and the friction of rubbing it, it will melt onto your skin. Rub the lotion wherever it is needed. 

Alternatively, you can rub the bar directly on the area of skin where you need it. 

After applying, massage the lotion into the skin. 

PERFECT complement to our unsoap butter scrub bar in between showers. Massage it into your dry, cracked cuticles or heels just before bed and you should see results by morning. 

NOTE: If your skin feels "greasy" more than 5 minutes after application, you've used too much. Without any preservatives, you don't need much to moisturize your skin!