unsoap butter scrub bar with no essential oils
unsoap butter scrub bar with ground apricot shells exfoliant
unsoap butter scrub bar with pink himalayan salt exfoliant

unsoap, 6 oz (unscented)

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Your skin care shouldn't exhaust you, frustrate you, or TAKE SO MUCH TIME.

Your skin care shouldn't contain chemicals, leave your skin dry or itchy (so your need a moisturizer), or TAKE SO MUCH EFFORT. 

Your skin care shouldn't have any ingredient you cannot pronounce or easily recognize on the product label.

Change how you think about cleaning your skin with unsoap - a soap-free way to cleanse your body using a gentle exfoliant and pure butter moisturizers in one step. You'll SAVE TIME AND EFFORT, and your skin feel better than ever before. 

HANDCRAFTED IN SMALL BATCHES so unsoap looks different than a bar of soap. Some would say they look 'imperfect', but how can they be 'imperfect' when each one is unique?

NO CHEMICALS. No water, no preservatives! No synthetic chemicals, either.  

NATURAL INGREDIENTS. And organic when possible. You won't find anything created in a chemistry lab in unsoaped products. 

Packaged in a biodegradable, compostable cellophane bag with a plain paper wrap. 

A 6 oz bar of unsoap commonly lasts 6 - 8 showers with application to your entire body (and keeping it out of water's way). As a bonus, your bathroom (and towel!) will smell like the essential oils, which are delightful! 


The unadorned unsoap uses a blend of cocoa butter, shea butter, and an exfoliant (salt or ground apricot shells). 

The unadorned unsoap is the same base formulation as the scented products, but does not have any essential oils added. Safe for all ages.


GROUND APRICOT SHELLS: Apricot shells are finely ground from the seeds of the apricot. These can be used as an all natural body scrub to deep-clean, remove dead skin, and renew the skin. Apricot shells are a gentle yet effective way to smooth and refresh dry calloused skin and are ideal for making body scrubs.

DEAD SEA SALT: The Dead Sea is the most saline body of water in the world with far greater concentrations of minerals than any ocean (a concentration of 32% minerals compared to other seas, holding approximately 3% minerals). Bromides and iodine are known to be present in Dead Sea Salt along with other minerals in a dried form, such as magnesium, sodium, calcium and potassium. All these minerals are believed to work together to assist in relaxing and soothing the body, resulting in a sense of well being. The rough (but fine grain, so it's not scratchy) nature of the salt lends itself nicely to body scrubs. 


CONSIDER showering at night when you use unsoap. Your skin will be uber-moisturized after using unsoap, so skinny jeans (or other body-hugging clothing) will be a challenge to put on right after you use unsoap! 

1. BEFORE you get into the shower, place the unsoap within your reach but out of water's way. Water will 'melt' unsoap, and you don't want that to happen until it's on your skin. 

2. Shampoo/condition/turban your hair. Once your hands are all buttered up from unsoap, you won't want to be touching your hair. 

3. Turn the water off, or angle the shower head away from your body. 

4. Rub the unsoap over your body. Both the water on your skin and your body temperature will melt unsoap. 

5. Place unsoap back in its original place (out of water's way).

Optional step: Using your hands, rub over your entire body again. (Don't forget the back of your hands!) 

6. Turn the shower back on and rinse your body off. 

7. Grab your towel, and gently blot your skin dry. (Don't rub!) 

You're DONE! No moisturizer needed! 

NOTE: The shower floor may get slippery - but it gets slippery from regular soap, too.